CONSULTATION with Aveo Bathroom Fitting Lincoln

Aveo Bathroom Fitting LincolnOne of the main services at Aveo Bathroom Fitting Lincoln that we provide to every customer is the consultation. We ask if you’d have the capacity to come and spend a small amount of time with us to ensure that we may discuss your fundamental requirements for the work being done. Love a comfortable browse the showroom to see if anything immediately takes your fancy and and one of our advisors chat. Please feel free to bring in any existing measurements and other details you’ve got concerning your present bathroom space if you think it’d help.

With the right measurements, details and thoughts about your taste and what you want, we should be able suggest an accurate representation of what it is you’re looking for and to draw up.


This can be items that is very important. The technical survey is where we can determine the limitation and possibilities of workspace. Please use this chance to also ask any more questions to the present workman and voice any choices you have for the work. From there the information taken under consideration and can be relayed back to the showroom. When everything continues to be collected we can start with the work.


Our services continue after the work was completed and everything continues to be installed. We will give a series of manual and help sheets relating in your toilet in one helpful package. Also, of course, you happen to be free to contact us at any point if you encounter any technical problems after the work was done. We’re constantly contactable by using the contact form supplied with this site or by phone.


One of the best things about our service is that, aside from deciding on the toilet for you, we will do literally all of the work. We’ll strip and after that dispose of your old bathroom on our own website before taking care of everything else such as the plumbing, tiling, plastering, joinery and anything else that needs attention.

Due to the fact that we are simply a business that is family based, you will always be coping with us, precisely the same people, and no one else. For example, the one who helps you with design and the planning and organises the disposal of the old toilet may also be the one to oversee placement and the fitting of your brand-new toilet.

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